What is my story?

I left my well paying job to do what I love!

With no sense of direction I completed my high school.  Although I always knew that I want to establish my own unique gig but did not know what. Then I went ahead to study commerce in  university. 

Consequently, I got myself a job at a unicorn company just like the masses did. I thought for once I will start using all that I have learnt in the past decade but no! That wasn’t the case.

I had to make a call. And here I am. Doing what I love and what I am the best at.

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My Extraordinary Experiences

I have graduated from the best private university in India. My education was never compromised thanks to the privileges my old folks gave me.

To give back to the society I was the director of the Rotary Club in my local area.

I have attended and won several national and international forums such as debates and MUNs. Including Harvard MUN.

Lastly, I believe that self education is what matters and learning is a process that only ends with your life.

My Core Values

Values are important as they shape the future and help in building a strong relationship that you and I aree going to have!