Best Media Campaigns: Secrets

How do I know if my media campaigns are any good?

TL;Dr: Media campaigns are highly effective but knowing up to what extent, is imperative to make adjustments and changes to get the most out of it.

I understand for a person or company who are wanting to scale up their new venture, media campaigns must be strategized such that your cost to outreach ratio is the least.

Meaning, you need the most penetration and visibility for every dollar you spend.

Hence, I have come up with a four-phase plan which generally produces great results for me. 

My Four-Phase Media Campaign Plan Of Action

Let us start by defining the four phases of my media campaigns.

The graph is self-explanatory so I am not going to get into the details. 

One thing I find different in my POA is that I give priority to measurability instead of effectiveness or value-added. 

This is because I believe that our being able to measure the behavior of the target segment with different parameters will help us tweak our strategy.

Even if you achieve your target when we roll out the campaign the first time, collecting consumer behavioral data will help us scale up with much less capital and effort in the future. 

Let us look at the different phases in-depth.

Phase 4: Low Cost – High Measurability 

Social Media are great examples of low cost highly measurable modes of advertising your profession or business. 

Generally, you can publish your content without offering any money and metrics like the number of likes, shares/reposts, views can be used to measure the response. 

Direct email poaching also stands to be a great way of increasing your visibility with little to no cost involved. 

Phase 3: Mid Level Cost – Medium Measurability 

These could be paid ads on social media itself. Spending on social media as such does not set you back a lot. Paid promotions on targetted websites, regions and/or market segments come in this phase. 

I say low measurability because you go not get a much better insight for the cost you spend. The like, shares/repost, comments can be pretty insightful. Perhaps the only data you get in excess is where are your viewers from, and what age group. 

There are other ways of knowing that and for free. Similarweb is one such software. More on that in a future post. 

Building a website and using different analytics tools like Google Analytics also gives your business a superior edge and makes you look professional. 


Phase 2: High Cost – Low Measurability

It is this phase onwards where your attempts to create a brand starts. This phase is meant for creating loyal customers and not targeting new ones. 

Branding is an expensive affair and it becomes difficult to measure how well your actions are affecting the image of your business in the minds of your target audience. 

If you are interested in my services, the probability is that you are in the earlier phases of growing your business so I will not be getting into the details as of now. 

You can always contact me at to know more. 

Phase 1: Very High Cost – Little to No Measurability

This phase is purely a brand proposition. There is no way of measuring the damage done by your strategy unless you personally take feedback or roll out survey questionnaires with highly specific questions regarding your brand.

This phase is ideal when you want to reinvest your capital into building a strong brand and invoking the value of trust in your customers to create a highly loyal fan base. 

Road Map: How we will roll out your next media campaign!

So what after rolling out our media campaign?

TMRR – Target Measure Review Reflect.

After implementing your first action with regards to your media campaign, it is time to TARGET the right data and parameters and collect all of them to churn them into sensible trends that we can then measure.

Once a period has lapsed it is time to review your strategy to check whether or not our campaign is going in the right direction and producing the desired results. 

What component is doing well and also the ones that are failing? After reviewing our work, it is time to reflect and take action, where you feel are necessary.

Measuring all the data, reviewing it and then reflecting on the information we have is a good way to ensure that we are gaining the maximum from our expenditure. 

Content is an integral part of any Media Campaign and I have understood this the hard way. 

Hence I have started using different cross-culture metrics such as the Hofstede Index, and also the behavioral study of the collective conscious and subconscious of different target audiences.

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